Recipe of the day

Once in a while, I will do a post with a recipe. Here is the first one- vegetable goulash. Veg goulash is a tasty one pot meal. 

Ingredient list:

  • 2 tbsp vegetable oil
  • 1 small aubergine, cut into chunky pieces
  • 1 courgette, thickly sliced
  • 1 green and 1 yellow pepper, deseeded and cut into chunks
  • 1 carrot, peeled and sliced
  • 1 onion, peeled and finely chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed
  • 2 tsp smoked paprika
  • 2x400g cans chopped tomatoes
  • 1/4 pint vegetable stock
  • Black pepper
  • Soured cream sprinkled with a little paprika, and crusty bread, to serve.

Heat oil in large pan. Add aubergine, courgette, peppers, carrot, onion and garlic and fry for 6-7 mins. Stirring occasionally until lightly browned.
Stir in the paprika, tomatoes and stock and season. Bring to the boil. Transfer to slow cooker. Make sure you cook on HIGH for 4 hours. Serve with soured cream sprinkled with paprika and crusty bread.


How to have fun with(and learn about) shapes

Most children love shapes. A baby will push shapes through a hole. It is a good idea to teach children about shapes when they are young. Here are a few good ideas which you can use. 

Potato Prints

This is a popular classic method. You need a number of potatoes to make the shapes. As well as potatoes, you must have a blunt knife, paints, paper and paper towels. Cut your potatoes into half and make sure you have a flat surface on either side. Let your child blot the potatoes to remove as much of the moistness as possible. 

Then, draw a shape on the potato using a pencil. Next, cut out the shape with a blunt knife. Pour some paint into a plate or saucer. Dip your potato into the paint and start printing. See what your child can make using their printers. Or, you can use the printers to make up trees or flowers.

Circle Printing

You will need a number of objects to make a circle. Suitable items include cardboard tubes, plastic cups and corks. Again, you need paints, a plate or saucer and some white paper.  Let your daughter/son print circles all over the paper. Encourage her/him to make circles of different sizes and colours. 

Chalking Shapes

You will need chalk. Ask your child to draw shapes outdoors. Also, you could play some shape games. One popular one is where you could have your child name a shape. If you want to, you could take pictures of the shapes for future reference. 

Shape Books

Lots of books have shapes in them. The ones I would recommend for three/four year olds are My Very First Book of Shapes, Pop Up Shapes and Book 1 Ship Shapes. The books were written by Richard Scarry, Eric Carle and Stella Blackstone. I also recommend the Mr Men books.

Sorting Shapes

Get a number of shapes and lay them on a table. Ask your child to sort the items according to size or colour. You could do a variation where your daughter/son names the shapes. 

Other activities

These include shape hunt, colouring shapes, teddies hat and shape spotter.

If readers have any other ideas, feel free to share them. Disclaimer all ideas were taken from Netmums fun with shapes article. But, this post does not copy the article. 


The pros and cons of watching TV

I came across a article disparaging TV online. I think TV can be good. There are many excellent programmes out there. One example is Sesame Street. Most people love and have a telly. TV shows allow you to have something to talk about with your friends. Very few TV shows are rubbish. And, TV shows dont promote any kind of violence. 

However most parents only allow children to watch 1 hour only. I like watching TV shows it  is good for the brain. I dont think TV makes children fat, that is virtually impossible. Most parents do take their daughters/sons to the park actually. 

The article makes the idiotic claim it is poor parenting. I dont believe that is true. In fact, it is impossible. Many good parents let their child watch TV. The piece also says people dont have to think. Some programmes do encourage to people think. There are more pros than cons of watching TV. 

The writer seems to think that TV can affect unsupervised children in a big way. Really, you dont need to be supervised while watching TV. I think the article is out of touch with reality. Also, the article was poorly written. The writer should have conducted some research then written the piece. 

People can learn so much from TV. 

Why I dont believe in homeopathy

I came across a website which promoted homeopathy. The website is a Indian one. Sorry but I dont believe homeopathy even works. I wish the NHS would ban homeopathy and focus on effective therapies instead. Homeopathy offers a strategically planned approach towards the treatment of developmental disorders which incorporates medicines and behavioural therapy. 

Does anyone have any proper evidence to prove it works. Nope, people think the therapy works but it doesnt. Homeopathy is a waste of money. I have discovered homeopathy practitioners waste time doing it. Homeopathy is merely a cock and bull thing. Homeopathy is also a waste of valuable resources. 

The parents could spend the money on other things. Like, books, food or clothes for example. Of all the silly stupid things out there, homeopathy has to be the most ridiculous, I think. The problem is that homeopathy abuses the placebo effect and promises a 'solution' or 'end' to desperate people. And, they make money out of it which is dreadful. 

What is even worse is that homeopathy has never been proven scientifically. On the Baby Centre blog, a lady wrote a post defending the therapy. Baby Centre is a parenting website. Elsie- that is her name, said homeopathy resulted in her pregnancy. I'm not sure I believe that is true. In fact, I dont. 

Because the only real way to start a pregnancy, is sex. Uncontrolled sex, for that matter.  Maybe, a death would convince them homeopathy is utterly pointless. Here are some pictures of practitioners. 

Virendray Kumar 

Asif Syed 

Devi Roy 


Stupid things hospital staff say to me

Have you pooed? Do doctors realise how inappropriate this question is? Doctors DO not need to ask a patient this gross question every time they come to the hospital. Asking once in a while is not unappropriate, asking every time is. 

Only give Fentanyl once a day. Do you actually realise I am in pain? A LOT. If you come to my home and observe me, then you would not give crap advice. 

Are you pregnant? Does it look like I'm pregnant. What a stupid thing to ask. It also indicates the receptionist is sort of stupid. 

You need to paint your nails again. I was livid when a doctor said to me. And, surprised a doctor had the cheek to say that. I dismissed her though. She was crap anyway. 

You have cancer. A doctor said this to me in 2005. I knew I had cancer though so I was never really sure why he said it. Maybe to reconfirm? 

Im sure there is more but I cant be bothered right now. 



Inclusion is a good thing. ALL parents should know it is actually. But, do they? In fact, inclusion for me, took on a whole new meaning after my cousin Nina was born. Some parents say you hurt the many by helping the few. Really, is that all you can say. Why must parents come up with crazy stupid excuses? 

To me, inclusion is not inclusion unless every one including the severely disabled are included. I also believe effective teachers are the ones who meet the needs of all the pupils. No one should be against inclusion. Inclusion is a good thing. It exposes children to all children. Whether that is children with CP, downs syndrome, dyslexia etc. 

The parents who have the cheek to say it 'disadvantages' my child are wrong and lack empathy, compassion and a open mind. Inclusion has many benefits. Including, the values I wrote about in the second paragraph. 

I never knew inclusion was a issue till I read this Telegraph article. Here is the link for it-

I read the article and was horrified by the school's absurd decision. Where is their inclusion policy? Answer- they dont have one which is shocking.  The headmaster talked about 'inclusion' yet the school refuses Samuel. Doesn't seem like inclusion to me, does it? 


Disgusting and disturbing things that people say

I read a news article called what is CP. I thought the writer had some really weird ideas regarding CP. The article claims the brain can withstand damage. That is not true. The writer also thinks that there are risk factors which contribute to CP. 

The truth is you can have a wonderful uneventful pregnancy and your child still gets CP. I read the comments as well. Some of them are disturbing. One commentator posted a disturbing comment. Here is what she said( and I shortened it for this post). 

We are Gods instruments here on earth not only are we called to give physical care but spiritual care as well. God loves all of us and is too wise to make a mistake. Oh please Malila dont say such utter bullshit. How do you know God has never made a mistake, eh? And God doesnt give us more than we can handle, pah! I am laughing at your ridiculous comment. Plus, your English is terrible as well. 

Another commentator said this- I suggest all those affected to use Homeopathy. Dr. Durgass you do know that homeopathy does not work. I cleaned up the comment so that it makes sense though. 

The next comment is even more disturbing. It was written by a Indian living in India. I will paraphrase the comment for you here- Please tell me how you can cure CP. I cant find any solution for the disease. 

First of all, Shubham you cant treat or cure CP. It is not a disease. I get really annoyed when people claim it is a illness because the truth is it is not a sickness. 

Next comment on this post- Balanced diet, fresh air, exercise, good sleep. Avoid tea,coffee, soft and alcoholic drinks. Keep cool and calm. Doctors are sometimes wrong. Don't take any medications.

John those things are good but it wont work if you have CP. It is not progressive since it is a condition not anything else. Why cant you take medications? Because sometimes you just have to John. Please dont give such unrealistic advice, as people will ignore it. 

To the commentators above, stop thinking CP is curable. It is not, it is manageable. There is a HUGE difference, do realise and remember that. 

One last comment- Parents with children that have CP must not feel sad or feel if they are losing out on something. God will never give you more than you can handle. God knows you will care for the child. He will always make you happy. We will always be blessed and we must treat our children if they are normal.

Again, why bring God into this. He has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with CP. Stop thinking he does. I agree we must treat them as normal but dont overdo it. However I disagree as God doesnt exist. And, he never has. Children with CP are losing out on a lot in life actually. Your claim that they arent, is totally untrue Marlene. 


The dangers of not vaccinating

This weekend I read a post about not vaccinating. I was shocked that people agreed with the post. I would have thought they would have disagreed with her. One commentator said her child was damaged by vaccine severely. 

Oh Janet, I find that almost impossible to believe, yes I do. You do know vaccine saves lives each year. But, you are taking a SERIOUS risk by not vaccinating. Janet it is vital that you get your children vaccinated. You will meet risky situations and then what happens then? I'm telling you, you will regret it someday. 

Claiming your child suffered damage is NEVER a good excuse. So please do not use that excuse again, Janet. A baby has to be exposed to germs, yes I know that. But, they should never be exposed to the disease, only the vaccine. 

Janet do you know vaccinating your children is one of the most important things you can do for their health and safety. The first is buckling them into a carseat. See, here's a fact. Women in 2nd world countries force their children to get vaccinated, that is true. 

Yet, we are refusing out of stupidity and unfounded fears I think so anyway. Why else would you refuse? I would get my baby vaccinated in a heartbeat and in the past, I have done so. Also Janet there is NO such thing as pro vaccine crazies. 

Please dont be so rude and describe us like that. We are not crazy, we are SENSIBLE. There's a big difference. Here's a link to the post below by the way. Read it if you want to. The post is written by Stacie Lewis.
(CORRECTION. Some of the comments are about vaccinating, not the post). Sorry for that)


David Cameron's costly mistakes

This evening I read a article on David Cameron's new tax plans. You want my view on the matter then. Okay here is what I think it is a complete waste of our money and time. Why is he spending time and valuable money on a stupid tax scheme, eh? I will never understand that.  To me, it is bureaucracy gone completely bonkers. 

The fact he is proposing this plan while we are all poor is mad, simply mad. I still dont know why  he was too lazy to ring fence funding for councils in England. How can a father of a disabled child simply shove our children aside? It is completely immoral and distressing. He wants my disabled daughter to rely on the State all her life.

My 11 month daughter loves play and toys but cannot sit unaided. I looked at my 2 hands this morning and felt grateful I can use them properly. Anna's dedicated and lovely OT, physio, SALT, vision and social worker are all based in the community. All of them receive funding from Epsom/Ewell Council. 

Let me tell you, the less therapy she receives, the longer it will take her to be independent. I will never stop fighting for what my daughter needs in order to be independent. It makes very little, actually no financial sense to take the people and equipment which will help Anna, away from her. 

Congratulations, lets all hail and worship your idea of a Big Society. 

CP is a condition NOT a disease

Dear Commentators

One comment stated CP is a disease.

Well commentator, you are wrong. CP isnt a disease its a condition. Did you know that or not? CP is NEVER progressive or contagious. Your comment was pure disturbing and will only convince more people that it is contagious. 

Which is NOT what we want or need, sigh. Also CP varies and there are MANY different forms of it. Even the doctors know that. I wish someone told her she was wrong. 

Another comment said rules are rules. Yeah I know but sometimes rules needed to be broken and accommodations NEED to be made. 

And, do please show some empathy and compassion towards poor old Max. What is the matter with people. Are they so devoid of love that they cannot display empathy or compassion then? I dont get it. You all should be shamed and embarrassed of yourself. Here is the article the comments were a part of

That is utterly depressing and sad. Read them if you want. I dont even want to, as they are disturbing.  Here's yet another disgusting comment by a uncaring twat. Another example of people feeling the rules don't apply to them, sorry lady that's just how it works. Really what the hell is wrong with you? The commentator I mean. 

Of course the rules needed to be bended in order to accommodate Max. The life guards could have done that WITHOUT needing to call the police. The fact they did only shows that they have NO common sense whatsoever. 

This has to be the most utterly stupid comment of all. Excuse me if you have a special needs child and you need a device for them, why should the public pay for it?  Dear mean poster, the public has to pay to accommodate the disabled or disadvantaged. It happens here in England, why not America too, eh? Show some empathy and compassion. 

Last comment posted here in this blog post. The problem is that people with special needs seem to think they are better than us. What the fuck are you on about? I've never heard such a sadistic comment. 

I feel sorry for the Mama who was asked to leave. It was unneeded. At the very least the staff could have suggested a alternative. Did they? Nooo they refused to think outside the box which is a shame. 

I think the commentators suffer from a personality handicap. Which is FAR worse than physical handicaps. Never seen a lack of empathy so obvious than on that article. What is wrong with society, its like we live in the Dark Ages, sigh. Or, in a developing country? 

It seems I was wrong, yet ANOTHER retarded comment. Blah blah blah the exception should never have been made. Oh sorry unfeeling lady do you wish to discriminate against the poor old boy?  

Another heartless retarded comment. Shame on the mother for not caring enough about her child to keep him safe in the water by buying a flotation device that is approved and is truly life saving. For one thing he/she can't spell. And, he got that from where?? It is NOT stated anywhere in the article so dont give us that crap. 


Low cost entertainment

This post mentions ways to save money at the theater, cinema etc. I hope you will find this post useful and informative. 

1-Go and see a show before reviews appear in the papers. It is a lot more cheaper and easier if you have a child who hates crowds. 

2- Check newspapers for adverts which offer discounts for popular shows at quiet times in the years. Make sure you quote the reference number when you book. That way, you will benefit from a 50% discount. Or, even a 2 for 1 offer.

3- Purchase tickets for West End Shows on the performance day from the booking office. The staff might even sell them half price. 

4- Join a scheme like Shape Arts as a driver. You will have your travel expenses reimbursed and even get to see the show free of charge as well. 

5-  You should check this useful website before you travel by train. The website has information on 2for1 entry deals to many of London's popular attractions as well as vouchers.

6- If you love theater, it is a good idea to sign up for the theatre mailing list. If you can, you should always book direct as a agency will charge a fee. 

7- Become a member of the National Theatre. The membership fee is only £12 a year and you will receive performance schedules. You will also have access to priority booking and discounted tickets offers.

8- Ask bookshop staff if there are events such as literary evenings. A number of bookshops also have free poetry reading events. A glass of wine may also be included in the entry fee as well. 

I love Wikihow badge post

I <3 wikiHow


Therapies for CP children

According to Wikipedia there are several different therapies available but I will cover three in this post. Therapy aims to help the child or young person acquire skills. Many different people can carry out therapy including parents and grandparents. 

It can even be done by the child if they want to. Qualified therapists include physio, speech and OT. They direct the session and help the child. Physio and OT help the child to improve or develop motor skills. 

Physiotherapists focus on skills such as walking, crawling, jumping, rolling and other activities which use the legs. They also assist with rehabilitation. Physio also use tests  which include assessment in their first session with the child. 

Occupational therapists help the child to acquire independent living skills. OTs also pay attention to normal activities like feeding or drinking. If needed, your OT or physio will order lycra suits, leg or arm splints or any other equipment deemed necessary. 

Make sure you choose a physio who is hands on and has worked with children with cerebral palsy. The same applies to the OT and the speech therapist as well. The parent should ask the PT if she/he is hands on. 

The parent should also check the PT has worked with children with the condition. I hope this article helps you. 

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